Monday, September 2, 2013

I am Promoting... well my site!

I just thought that I would promote me Star Wars: Edge of Empire site. Slowly adding content and I pray I am doing a fair job of it. Stop on by at:

Eric Anderson
2nd September, 2013 A.D.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Drax Quell's Galaxy Guide: Aduba-3


Astrogation Data: Aduba System, Bheriz sector, Outer Rim region.

Orbital Metrics: 343 Days per year / 22 hours per day.

Government: Local village 

Population: 1 million (Humans 56%, other 44%)

Language: Basic.

Major Terrain: Plains, steppes, desserts.

Major Cities: Tun Aduban (spaceport), Onacra, Bancra.

Areas of Interest: Locru's Central Saloon, House of a Higher Power, Spacers' Hill.

Major Exports: Foodstuffs, illegal goods.

Major Imports: Illegal goods.

Trade Routes: Triellus Trade Route.

Special Conditions: None.

Quell's Planet Log: Oi, if you want a place to 'get away from it all' the best place is Aduba-3. Just off of the Triellus Trade Route it is one of the few planets in the area without Hutt's lurking around. Now this was not always the case, in fact during that Clone War nonsense it was grabbed by those thieving slugs but for some reason the Empire came in and found a way to get rid of 'em. Why they would do that I have no idea because the planet is temperate at best and arid as worse and no real resources. Oh, they tried mining the place at one time but that was a major loss for the Modirin Mining Concern. It was from the mining attempt and also a religious migration of the Sacred Way movement that gave Aduba-3 its major population but in it's only major city, Tun Aduban, came a new group of settlers - criminals.

When the Hutt's sucked Aduba-3 into their space they saw a chance to make a shadowport, and that they did. Every major scum and villain came to the place during the Clone War figuring that The Republic and the CIS would avoid such a place. But when the Hutt's got forced off after the war most thought  that it would be the end of it's seedy nature, and to a point they were right. With no Imperial presence on the planet it brought the most desperate of smuggler and pirate to Tun Aduban while the more 'respectable' ones went to Tatooine and Nar Shaddaa, and the ones that failed either started or got sucked into the many swoop gangs that plague the villages that dot Aduba-3.

Now to call Tun Aduban a spaceport is like calling a Hutt cuddly. All you will find there is open fields with maybe a fueling truck and power droid to service you. The major spot to go if you are a spacer is Locru's Central Saloon, which will not be hard to find being that it is one of the few buildings with a second story on it. There you can find the most seedy connections and jobs from spice smuggling to slaving. So one should watch oneself as best as possible, and if you be someone that has cybernetic on ya's, keep it to yourself. They hate borgs of all kinds and will show no loves to 'em.

As for the villages, ferget it. They are small, maybe a hundred or so people per and all they are is farmers. They grow crops and raise banthas. Now these banthas are not like the one you see elsewhere, instead of long hair these banthas have short, corse hair. They are also tastier then the normal bantha, mebbe because of the crops they eat. But there is no wealth in these villages to trade with unless you want bantha fodder to sell to a Hammerhead for his garden.

Now about that slaving thing, I hears that towards the northern pole of the planet is a small mountain range that holds an abandoned base from about a thousand years ago or so. Something to do with the Sith or that and now has been taken over by slavers of all kinds. A 'Bazaar of the Bizarre' I've 'eard it called. This rumor was only given more credence when Gaor Tembon and his ship The Miv'rah Firestorm was seen lurking around Tun Aduban a year or so ago.

Oh, and before I ends this thing let me tells ya all another tall tale. I 'eard that there is a Jedi running around the outskirts hiding from the Empire. Now I don't believe that one bit because if there was I'm sure Vader and his boys would have snatched 'em up and sent 'em off to who knows where. 

Drax Quell signing off til next time!

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Episode 2: The Joy's of Character Creation

We have a Bounty Hunter, now just pick ONE already!
When I say the joy's of character creation I mean it BOTH ways: sarcastic and happiness. How so? Leave that to my two daughters, both 11.

We will call 'em Bug and Boo. Bug is the youngest and my step-daughter from my wife's former marriage. She was brought up on Star Wars from the time she was born and carried in to see Revenge of the Sith at the tender age of 1 at her fathers bidding, not my wife's. Just to make note to all is the fact that my wife is not geeky or nerdy in any way. My daughter Boo is older by almost exactly six months and is geeky when she wants to be. Both her father (me) and mother are geeks.  

To help set the tone of the game I had Bug read Han Solo at Stars End to make her understand the feel. No Jedi's and the such, just back world adventure. For Boo I am winging it (sigh).

I have never created a character for EotE until today. All my play was done with pre-gens either from 'May the Fourth' to 'Free RPG Day' or the Beginner Game, so this was a new experience. In fact when I was playing the WEG D6 system I never generated my own character using the templates instead, the retired Imperial Officer being my favorite. But I digress.

Now then, I announced to my troop of two that I was going to start making my character as I walked over to the kitchen table with book and sheets in hand. Bug slowly came to from her 'Mindcraft coma' to stagger to the table followed after a time by Boo coming out of her 'Clash of Clans coma'. So Bug was first.

"Human bounty hunter, the one with the gadgets!" was Bug's pick, so we worked on it and I could not believe how easy it was. The hardest thing to do was turn to the needed sections in the massive tome that threatens to blast my back with another herniation. We had her character done in NO TIME! What a joy!

Then came Boo...

"I wanted to be a bounty hunter!" she sniffed. I tried to explain that a diverse group is the best thing to do. We looked through the book and she found the Explorer Fringer. So we worked on that and what a 'joy' that was. Keeping her on track and doing things in order was a fight but I finally got her on track until the end where she wanted BIG GUNS that she could not afford yet. The idea of starting small and picking things up as you go along is not good enough to the 'No Wait Generation'. Now I do have to give her points on picking a Rodian for a race and branching away from a human. It reminded her of Kif from Futurama.

Now this is all done except the names for the characters and for me to generate mine. I cannot wait to stop writing this so that I can do so.

With that I will go and bid you all a ta ta for now!

Eric Anderson
24 July, 2013 A.D.

Episode One: The Beginning!

When I saw Star Wars in that crowded Edina theater back in 1977 for the first time I knew it changed my life. Until then I hated SF/F and the like, but Star Wars opened that door for me to not only enjoy it but other offerings from Star Trek to Babylon 5 and everything in between. Needless to say when The Empire Strikes Back came out in 1980 I was there with bells on at the old Southtown Theater and again at that same time in 1983 (first in line) when Return of the Jedi came out.

After that all things Star Wars seem to start fading away. It was like we had our six to seven year fix and the high wore off. A pleasant memory of a more civilized age. Star Trek and Doctor Who became more of my focus and time were good - until!

It was 1987 and we were at a Star Trek club's Christmas party when the host brought out two books asking the question "Who wants to play a Star Wars Role Playing game?"

Needless to say this took all of us off guard. A Star Wars RPG??? Yes, we did not hear wrong and we dived in. The system designed by West End Games (WEG) was simple and easy and fun was had by all. I played a retired Imperial Captain that was fed up with the whole new order that the Empire was pushing. Our team has a droid/slave control Corvette and I even faced my old first officer who was in command of my old Victory-class Star Destroyer. This was Star Wars! This was Fun! This was a shot in the arm to get us back hooked on the drug Star Wars!

Time went along and great things came out of WEG until they lost their license in 1999, just shy of the new trilogy. I never really played the Wizards of the Coast's (WotC) version of the Star Wars Roleplaying game, even though I did collect the books before 'Saga Edition'. Something about just did not seem right about the D20 system and Star Wars, but millions of fans played and enjoyed.

When WotC lost their license it was both a shock and relief to be, pulse added some new worries. I was shocked that a major game player would let such a valuable property go. I was relieved that they did loose it because they seem to go to the soulless darkside of corporate logic then gaming knowledge. Then I was worried on WHO might get the license and if they would do it correctly. When I heard that Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) got it I have a silent 'WHOO HOOO' in my head. FFG has been a favorite game company of mine for the last decade. During the great D20 rush they produced one of my favorite 'worlds' called Dragonstar based on science and magic in space. So I had no fears.

My first attempt to play Star Wars: Edge of the Empire was at the 'May the Fourth be with You' weekend of this year with none other than Sterling Hershey, a man who has worked on all three systems of the ST:RPG from WEG to FFG. We also had a chance to drool over the new book that would still be a month and a half away from release.

But enough of this, there are more stories to tell and stats to brew when I get time. Until then I must do this:

May the Force Be With You!

Eric Anderson 
24 July, 2013 A.D.
Listen, I know you have the Droids I'm looking for!